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Third Saturday of each month at 9:00 am.~No Meetings in December~

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2015 Emergency Medical Services Award winner, EMT Sandra Curry with Chapter President Russell Leavens (r) and Compatriot Don Goodman (l)

President General Cohen visited us in January. He presented a program on the Spanish Influence during the Revolutionary War.

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Woodhaven Country Club.

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Sons of the American Revolution

Chapter Vietnam Veterans Posting the flag


Dr. Kenneth Blake Pearce and his grandson, Thomas Eric Samuelson, were inducted into membership in the chapter on February 14, 2015 at the Stayton Retirement Center, Fort Worth, TX.  Mr. Kenneth Pearce grew up in Crane, TX, played football at Arlington State College and obtained his MD from Tulane University.  Dr. Pearce served on the staff at Baylor All Saints, Cooks Children’s and was chief of staff at Hugley Hospital.  Dr. Pearce was a past Golden Glove welterweight champion, scratch golfer and an old, close friend of Ben Hogan.


His grandson, Thomas Samuelson, was raised in Fort Worth, attended Fort Worth Country Day School and is currently a junior at Fordham University in New York City.  Thomas is pursuing a degree in history and political science and plans on attending law school.  He will be working this summer in Washington D.C. for a member of the House of Representatives.

Meet Our Newest Members.

Chapter 6, Major K.M.VanZandt, Ft. Worth Texas

Eric Mitchell is a descendant of Garrett Harsin who served in the Continental Army and Navy.  Harsin was at the Battle of Long Island and present at the capture of General Burgoyne.  Harsin also served 18 months as a seaman on the Continental Navy ship named the “Hudson”. 


Eric Mitchell is the son of Merle and Barbara Mitchell; Merle was a career Air Force officer who flew  C-130s in Vietnam.  Eric grew up in various air base locations around the Country and graduated from Baylor in 1985. He has a Master of Divinity from Mid-America Seminary and a Ph.D from the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, KY.  Dr. Mitchell is married (wife Nancy), with four children, and is an Associate Professor of Old Testament and Archaeology at Southwestern Baptist Seminary in Fort Worth.


Eric has researched and written in the area of Old Testament Narrative and old Testament Archaeology and has authored several texts on this topic.  Dr. Mitchell has travelled extensively in Israel and directs archaeology projects there.  He is currently researching / writing in the area of Old Testament and Economics.

Compatriot Eric Mitchell

Compatriots Dr. Kenneth Pearce and Thomas Samuelson

One of our newest members is Tommy Ray Brooks who resides some distance from Fort Worth.  Tommy is a life-long resident of Moran, TX which is in Shackelford County not too far from Abilene, TX.  Tommy graduated from Moran High School and attended both Cisco Junior College and North Texas State University.  Tommy took over the operation of the family dairy farm in 1966. He is a widower with two children and three grandchildren.  He came into the Sons of the American Revolution through ancestor Elijah Fuller, b. around 1754, who received pay vouchers through North Carolina.  His wife received land in the 1827 Cherokee land lottery.  Fuller died around December of 1825.  Tommy Brooks hopes to make it into Fort Worth, TX in the near future for one of our meetings.

Compatriot Tommy Ray Brooks

Sword Presentation to Chapter President Leavens